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To further develop his own work and technique but at the same time share his experiences with other dancers, Thomas Zamolo is teaching and giving workshops in different schools and companies.


He is mainly working with improvisation techniques and contact improv, to reach a better awareness of understanding and composition of ones own body as well as each others and the room around them.


Here are some places where Thomas Zamolo has been giving classes or

workshops in the past:


-Statens Teaterskole Efteruddannelse, Kopenhagen/Danemark

- centro cultural Sao Paulo /Brazil

-Viga espaço cênico, Sao Paulo /Brazil

-CullbergBaletten, Stockholm /Sweden

-Göteborg Ballet /Sweden

-Theater X /Sweden

-Barletta /Italy

-DOCH (University of Circus and Dance) /Sweden

-Napoli /Italy

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