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Born in France, Thomas Zamolo is an eclectic artist whose practice is rooted at the intersection of photography, dance and lighting design.

His artistic journey started twenty years ago, accumulating experiences in the world of performing art as a dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and theatrical lighting designer.


As a photographer, Thomas is perhaps best known for his work with Polaroid Composites. In his images he explores a wide range of topics from surreal landscape to psychosocial staged scenes. His interest in instant photography stems, in part, from a fascination with the romantic, eerie and painterly qualities possible with the techniques of such chemical processes and analogue technologies.

He's work has been extensively exhibited, including group and solo shows in Europe and United Sates. He is represented by Little Big Galerie in Paris and Arles, he has been part of important instant Photography Publications.


Since 2010 his extensive dance career and interest for the visual arts have also brought him to venture into the world of theater and performance design with a fundamental interest for the dramaturgical nature of light. As a lighting designer, Thomas has signed lighting creations for the most recent works of Fred Gies, Anna Pehrsson and Ian Kaler and is a long term collaborator with the choreographer Tilman O’Donnell.


He currently resides in Stockholm.


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