•Points of Departure

Ian Kaler //Impulstanz

•Pressure Fields

Anna Pehrsson


•Warriors: Chiron in Aries, Recital 1#

Frédéric Gies

•Crisp. Come now we falling

Anna Pehrsson

•History was writen by the losers

Tilman O'Donnell



Cristina Caprioli // CCAP

•7 Extravaganzas

Frédéric Gies


Cristina Caprioli // CCAP

•Queens of the Fauns

Frédéric Gies



Weld Company // Frédéric Gies

• No Longer, Not Yet

Anna Pehrsson

• In some sense

Tilman O'Donnell


• In [Brackets]

Anna Pehrsson

• MOMEN (3xBirgit)

Daniel Sjökvist // Cullbergbaletten

• (We are) Made of Star Stuff

Sanna Söderholm och Carima Neusser

(DansenHus Stockholm)

• The Cloud

Siegmar Zacharias & SXS Enterprise

(MDT Stockholm)


• Dance is Ancient

Frédéric Gies


• Cinco Cintas

Frédéric Gies

(KTH, Stockholm)

• Cut in / Fold out

Anna Pehrsson


•At the bottom left corner + Ribbon Dance

Frédéric Gies & Anna Pehrsson



• Unthinkable objects

Anna Pehrsson

Version 2. (Weld, Stockholm)

• Word of mouth

Tilman O'Donnell

(Cullberg Ballet/Spira, Jönköping)


• Unthinkable object

Anna Pehrsson

(Dans och Cirkus Högskolan)

• August did not have what is commonly considered good taste as far as furniture is concerned

Tilman O'Donnell // Cullberg baletten

• The Progression of things

Tilman O'Donnell // Cullberg baletten


• The Big Lebowski

Tilman O'Donnell // Dans och Cirkus Högskolan

• Cullberg Baletten at Marabou Parken

Tilman O'Donnell // Cullberg baletten


• This Is

Tilman O'Donnell // Göteborg Ballet


Before 2010

• Untitled Twice

Pretty Ugly Dance Company



Cullberg Baletten


• Tout un programme

company Choryphée


• EXIT(...)over

• O.P./2


• Monologue  



• Short Film / video Installation work / Documentaries •

 # Unstated_Figure

Short dance Film (12min) choreographed by Freddy Houndekindo. Commissioned by Serendipity for Signatures. 

Part of Let's Dance International Frontiers


Video (20MIN) Documentation film from the piece Clusters I&II choreographed by Anna Pehrsson in Boniers Kunsthall.

Screened at the STHLM DANSFILM FESTIVAL 2019.

Hand Fuge

Video (10 in looped) play in the context of an instalation made by Tilman O'Donnell for Cullberg Baletten at Marabou parken.



• Video installation (30 min)

• Two dance films projected simultaneously (7 min)

For the Göteborg Ballet performing at Röda Sten


Film playing during the show of PROLOG presenting the dancers to the audience. (5min)

The Göteborg Ballet


Documentary and installation about the creation "point of Eclipse" choreographed by Johan Inger for the Cullberg Baletten

3 films played simultaneously (16 min)


Documentary for the 40 years anniversary of the Company Cullbergbaletten, in collaboration with Tilman O'Donnell. The three different films were played during the show and is made out of interviews of some of the most famous personalities in sweden.

(around 24 min all together)


Video for the swedish lighting company FLUX

B&W Flux (Art Video-13 min)


Hand Fugue (video looped)

Part of the performance/installation by Tilman O'Donnell at Marabou Parken.

Cullberg Baletten


The Big Lebowski (video looped)

Playing during the performance by Tilman O'Donnell with the Student of DOCH.




Trailer for the Cullberg Baletten.

• 40 years Anniversary

• Cullberg Baletten at marabou parken.

• Cullberg Baletten at Färgfabriken (The progression of things)


Trailer for the Göteborg Balett.

• White Russian 

• RE:Tjajkovskij

• Manifesto

• Push2!

• White/Light/Night.

• Aurora.

• Stravinsky+

• Dekadens


• Black Biist

• Alaska

• Prolog (2 different videos)

•16 videos of 1 minutes each, presenting the four choreographers and all the dancers of the production of PROLOG.

• This Is


Trailers for others

• Madness of the gods (Choreographer: Moritz Ostruschnjak)

• SLOW DANCE (Choreographer: Hana Erdman, Louise Dahl)

• various trailer for Anna Pehrsson's Prioductions

• History was writen by the losers (Tilman O'Donnell)

• Scary Solo (Cristina Caprioli)

• Warriors, Chiron in Aries, recital 1# (Fred Gies)

• Dance Documentation •

• Scary Solo (Cristina Caprioli)

• SLOW DANCE (Choreographer: Hana Erdman, Louise Dahl)

• Warriors, Chiron in Aries, recital 1# (Fred Gies)